Commercializing revolutionary ideas that change lives

A brief overview

We are creating a platform for entrepreneurs and researchers to collaborate with experienced professionals to translate their breakthrough concepts into concrete applications. Any venture we undertake passes through a very straight-forward screening question: does it significantly impact people’s lives positively.

The projects we undertake can be grouped into three major areas: education, healthcare and innovation. Find out more here →

Our People

With over 50 years of industry experience, we have fostered a group of optimistic, talented and curious individuals. We tend to underestimate long-term changes in business; our biggest asset is finding people who are ready to buckle down for the long run. Our team is from across the globe, and they all share the same enthusiasm for changing the world as the founders who brought them together.

Debajit Das Co-Founder, Innovations Lead Singapore
Subir Choudhury Co-Founder, Educations Lead Dubai